Graduation-Birthday Celebration

I never thought I will do such a thing – postponement of a birthday celebration indefinitely!!! Yes, this was me (Lucky), this year. My birth date for this year (2014) was at a time when I had about seven if not eight formative assessments within a week – tests, individual & group assignments and a group presentation. Postponement from 7 May 2014 to 19 September 2014. This makes it one of those unique days.

Today, I celebrate my third graduation in conjunction with my birthday – a special one. It is a special one in many ways: graduating on a program which I always wanted (Business Administration) and the pressure exerted by the program to the extent that I had to postpone my birthday celebration indefinitely.

As I grew up, it was clear to me that I will not attain a degree let alone completing any educational certificate besides a Grade 7 which seemed to be a compulsory, I never knew of his plan. By his grace, I am celebrating for my degree – glory to him. Attaining a qualification is regarded as an investment – expensive but with no guarantee for ‘returns on investment’.

First graduation – National Certificate (2008); second – Diploma (2012); and third – Degree (today, 19 September 2014). Basing on this, I now extrapolate my next higher graduation to be before December 2017.

This becomes the day I am reminded of the challenges I went throughout in life and more specifically during my studies such as spending sleepless nights; studying on boring content at times; social life forgone; financial sacrifices.

Yes, it was worth it. Now I understand, it is possible, I am up for the next challenge – the next level.

Want to watch the online celebration, here is the link for the live event from 10 am: