Workplace Productivity

In all that is done, it is crucial to find the best way of performing a task. Most often, better ways of performing tasks are linked to increased productivity. Finding better ways of performing a task has a positive bearing towards motivation. This is common when there are better ways of performing monotonous repetitive tasks.

As I made efforts to find ways of improving performance whilst working on a computer, I have realised that it crucial to master the use of KEYBOARD SHORT CUTS. Of course, someone fast, when it comes to typing would point out that typing speed is the main factor. However, it is also important to take note of the time that is lost when one MOSTLY uses the mouse to either left or double click instead of using Keyboard Short cuts. Most Keyboards might mean different short cuts.

Here are a few. I decided to group them as below:

CTRL+A = Select all

CTRL+C = Copy the selected

CTRL+V = Paste

CTRL+Y = Re-do the last action

CTRL+Z = Undo the last action


CTRL+B = Bold the selected

CTRL+I = Italicise

CTRL+U = Underline


CTRL+E = Central

CTRL+J = Justify (text alignment)

CTRL+L = Left (text alignment)

CTRL+R = Right (text alignment)

CTRL+F = Find from the document

CTRL+G = Go to a specific page

CTRL+H = Replace

CTRL+N = Create a new document

CTRL+W = Close the window

CTRL+P = Print

CTRL+S = Save

The Keyboard Short Cuts not included above are barely used used such as CTRL+D; CTRL+M etc. With the use of these Short Cuts, the performance of an individual is greatly improved. Time is saved on moving the mouse, left and double clicking.